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Imagine a Blade; so fine and so sharp
That it neither dulls nor weathers.
Imagine a Blade; forged by no metal
But forged instead by jealously, greed and pain.
Imagine, you would, a Blade of this sort.
The same Blade that felled Abel,
the same Blade we all carry,
the same Blade no one is afraid to use.
Imagine a Blade that never rusts in blood,
A Blade that not only cuts a man's flesh
But his joy, his pride, and even his very soul.
A Blade with no handle
A Blade with two sides
A Blade that cuts the attacker
And the attacked.
An unforgiving, merciless jagged mirror
That shows the true character of its master.
Imagine a Blade that as many names,
Named over and over again
By different people and different tongues.
You and I would simply call this Blade
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Hard to see Tomorrow
Please come closer to me,
I don't want to have to push you away,
Please don't you see? It shouldn't be this way,
I still can't help but to try.
I can't explain what's come over me
I know I'm better than this.
All I really need is just a little peace,
While I sleep on my problems inside.
Just stay away from me,
It'll be better for both of us this way.
It's hard to say what will happen to today,
Even harder to see tomorrow.
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It was the night before,
you were in my arms
purring like a little motor.
Tiny nose and tiny toes,
pink and black.
Soft bray fur, and softer
blue eyes, resting in
my arms, much like you
are resting now.
Both times you woke up, and
began to play. But now
you wake; and you play with
little puffs of clouds as I stay here,
watching you rest from
my window.
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Every drop, a blessing.
The rain cloud brings me joy that is unique
A drizzle, a downpour or a storm, I feel complete.
Most would say that the overcast is a reason to be sad,
I haven’t the heart to agree. Rainy days are never bad.
You see, a sunny day is what we’d all like, most would say
But unrelenting heat is less of blessing than the rainy day
Ask yourself; How are deserts made? Or how do they start, rather?
I go for walks when the clouds gather
Because when it rains, I feel complete
I can feel the life from beneath my feet
And I know a miracle has happened to land.
Rain brings the green where sun brings the sand,
So you can sing your songs,
Ask for the rain to come again another day, all day long,
I’ll be outside, soaking it in while you’re inside I’m guessing.
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The Strangest Thing 'Sonnet'
Since when were we ever completely sane?
Every one of us is a little mad.
The proof is there, in spoiled love’s domain.
When we enter, when we leave, is when it’s bad.
Struck in the heart by cupid’s arrows, true,
But what happens when you must remove them?
Most would remove this arrow, slowly too,
But I see men rip them away! Condemn
This behavior as you would, but I know
We’ve all done it before, with this disease.
Disease I call it, and it is as so,
For there is no cure, save for some of these;
Learn from the mistakes and ills from past loves,
Strive to make new ones as pure as a dove.
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Grim Reminder
It just hit me
I could be sleeping in that tomb of
Frozen metal and ice. Trapped until
Death releases me, and I wonder…
Is Death a stranger?
I think not.
You see, you are a lot like Death.
A special Grim Reminder to why life won’t be perfect.
You walk in and out of my sight, and my mind.
You don’t try to avoid me, I don’t think.
But I know that you won’t acknowledge me,
My time hasn’t come yet.
I can see you thinking about me as Death would,
Although you do your best to mask it.
I don’t hate you - I don’t fear you
Why should I?
It’s only natural to fear the unknown.
But I do know you like you know me
And I can’t hate you for that.
It wouldn’t change anything even if I did.
You, like Death, would still be
A shadow without its caster
A Grim Reminder in my life
That I don’t resent and can’t ignore.
I never wanted it to be like this,
Because the biggest difference between you and Death,
Is that I know Death won’t give up
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The Strangest Thing
Thrice I’ve been struck in the heart, and all but one wound has healed.
Time will do most of the work, but I’m trapped in my head until it is done.
Until then however, I have my time, alone, with a new way of thinking.
It changes every time.
One must be crazy, surely, to think in that way:
Not right in the head, one way or another,
When a person’s greatest joy, is the same terrible fear he may have.
When he would die to preserve the one he truly cares for,
But they are just as quick to waste life if they do the same for him.
Why would it make sense? It must be the deranged man’s emotion,
As no sound person would soberly think this way.
Same goes for when it is lost, as it may be an arrow.
A shot in the chest is far less lethal if it’s carefully removed,
And yet I see people ripping their chests open to get rid of the arrows
Finding only that they are exposing their scars,
And tearing parts of their heart out.
Would a sane man do these things?
It seems that only
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In Pieces
You told me to go,
But your hands told me to stay
Your lips say you wanted,
But your eyes tell me of a mistake
Is there truth in your lies?
Doubt on your face?
What you’ve built, you’ve lain to waste.
So I, I won’t be the one
Be the one to leave this
In pieces.
So there’s truth in your lies,
And doubt in your faith,
All that’s left is what you didn’t take.
And you, you can’t take it back
Not even if you wanted to,
‘Cause I don’t have regrets.
So don’t lie…
You promised me your time,
And then tossed me like a stone
I held you in my arms,
Then you chilled me to my bones.
So I, I’ll just be alone
Alone with all this bitterness
While you walk away with him.
:iconevaneggplant:EvanEggplant 1 0
Is it right?
Is it right to feel this pain?
To know that these emotions aren’t real?
When your head and your heart are separate
And your mind and soul tied too tight,
Is it right?
Would you believe me if I said
I hurt all the time? Endless pain
In one form or another, give or take
The moments I have my remedy
And relief. Should I share it?
Is this right?
Or would it be better to run,
And hope I don’t lose my
Footing or breath before this
Ends. Hope I don’t lose my mind.
Am I wrong?
Maybe I am, maybe this pain I feel
Is just a reaction, a response?
Am I deranged, or determined?
Is it atrophy, or adamancy?
Either or, I can’t get rid of it.
Which is right?
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Last thoughts before I Sleep.
I try so hard to dream at night, to dream
Of the pleasant last thoughts before I sleep.
Thoughts, feelings, memories, they reign supreme
On my mind, and I want them all to keep.
I want to hold you in my arms, and not
Have to let you go, just so that I can
Catch my breath once more.  It’s hard just to stop,
And think “what’s next?” after all this began.
I want to keep these thoughts, and I don’t doubt
That you’re the one I want to dream about.
:iconevaneggplant:EvanEggplant 1 0
Stuff and Things
Can you feel the rhythm of my heartbeats?
Pumping life throughout my body, tell me
How do you feel right now, behind these seats?
Hidden from eyes, be who you want to be.
I feel electric, lucky, and happy.
Your smile gives me reason to smile,
For months that’s all I was, just unhappy.
Can’t believe it took me all this while...
But the words that ring in my head are yours
After a day of pain, stress and sickness;
“It’s great to wake up to you”, my heart soars.
Happy to see you sleep, end this thickness
Of my head, my stupor; take off with wings
While I’ll sleep here, dreaming of stuff and things.
:iconevaneggplant:EvanEggplant 2 0
Parachute Chord
I stare downwards, and I smile,
I glance behind me, and I wonder.
I look at my hands, and I shiver.
I send myself down, with a leap.
I free fall and, it’s too late.
When I hit the bottom, then I’ll know.
In the meantime, while I fall,
I’ll keep my hands, keep them here,
On my parachute chord, hoping and praying
That it won’t be necessary.
:iconevaneggplant:EvanEggplant 2 0
No Wrong Answer
I still sit here, watching day go to dusk
Observing my spent flowers
and wondering about my last one
anxiously I pick the pedals,
repeating the same two words
again and again and again.
I smile when I pull the last pedal.
Nervousness should grip me, but
there is no wrong answer when I'll ask.
I know she's thought about it,
I know she's thinking about it,
I know she wants me to think about it.
Any answer will give me relief, because
there is no wrong answer.
:iconevaneggplant:EvanEggplant 1 0
Does she?
Does she? Does she not? Does she? Does she not?
Pedal after Pedal I try to decide,
As I pace back and forth and walk over my barren flowers.
She won’t stay out of my mind
But does that mean she should stay there?
Even in my unstable nature,
I find a certain degree of peace and happiness
When she gives me that smile.
I can’t help but to wince at the thought
That I may miss this chance
But I shudder at the thought, of me diving down,
But then having to climb back up
Once more, just after I caught my breath.
Perhaps I need this, maybe I don’t
I pick another flower
I pick another pedal
Does she? Does she not?
:iconevaneggplant:EvanEggplant 0 3
I want to go run,
Away from all my problems,
My Demons keep me.
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My Turn
1)      I'm all alone now, I'm a memory
I won't cause problems,
I'll just melt away.
Even though I've grown-.
2)      These thoughts of mine, they are
I'm my own now,
I feel complete.
(What have you learned from this?)
(Cause now it's my turn-.)
Simple minds find simple pleasures
Easy to win and easier to lose
The good ones always die young
So why do the bad ones die slowly-?
-Chorus 1-
I won't stop worrying, it's just my nature
I won't leave it be, it's just my poison
You won't blame me, how could you do this?
I've already lost my mind.
-Chorus 2-
It's my turn to say what I want
It's my turn patch up the wounds
It's my turn to walk away
It's my turn to say goodbye.
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Evan Sherman
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Hey everybody! My names Evan, and I'm not really an Eggplant. But whatever. This isn't here for friends, this is pretty much for poetry. So if you wanna chat or talk, add me on Myspace or Facebook.

Current Residence: Montana
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Yup. I'm back. But trust me, I had a good reason to go AWOL. I got my jaw surgically broken and fixed, recovery after that was hell, then work for Key Club and finally I see then end of the busy-ness...and I realize I see school. Oh well. I published a new poem, it's actually a song I started singing in my head as I drank some water. Enjoy :D
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